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Birth of a Monster

230 pages3 hours


Becoming Sivingdel’s kingpin is no easy task, and ex-boxer Righty Rick’s ascension to this level without incurring a single arrest is even more remarkable. But when several of his top-ranking criminal associates are hauled off to jail in a single catch, he finds his lack of experience with the criminal justice system to be more of a liability than an asset.

Not wanting to turn his back on his men, but leery about waltzing into the police station to attempt a bribe, he vacillates on the correct course of action. His decision is disastrous, leaving him facing state and federal drug trafficking charges and making exposure of his closely guarded identity seem more a matter of when than if.

Righty chooses to fight back, unleashing an eruption of violence the likes of which have not been seen in the city for centuries, if ever. But he thinks he sees a course that, at the end of it all, will leave him more firmly in charge than ever before.

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