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V02M02 Heretical Missionist

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“Always look before you leap. But always leap.” - Al-Arka

One thing is clear about Missionist Al-Arka, people like her. She is, on the surface, nothing but trouble. She drinks too much. She has no respect for anyone or anything. She flaunts the rules. And she is good at everything without any discernable effort, which should have made all around her envious. But when one scratches that surface, she appears to be something special. For all her disrespect, she never seems to rub people the wrong way. Except for the Missionist Council, or maybe just anyone with authority. And she has Faith. Because of this, she was not kicked out of the Academy when she murdered a fortrin but instead banished to Karzunidat. Now, seven years later, Kup-Nawzh is sent to bring her back and write a report on her. Her mentor had a mission for her, to find out where the karzunoid animal creatures that have been encountered are from but her banishment has postponed that. The Council feels that now is the time to send her on that mission. Eventually she gets to the Red Forest, following in Bra-Non’s footsteps, and there she meets the lizard beings he had encountered and they invite her to the Eastern Continent for answers. After that, two thing become clear. Firstly, the fortrins still want ‘justice’ for what she has done. Secondly, something is happening to her, she keeps going into a trance where she writes out strange and esoteric things about the Kosmos. Things she should not know about, such as The Three Forces of Creation, Preservation and Destruction. And about Deities divorcing. And once on the Eastern Continent she learns even more unbelievable things. Things that can only be described with one word, heretical.

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