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Sun Sign Guide to Holiday Harmony Practical Astrology for the Holiday Season

Sun Sign Guide to Holiday Harmony Practical Astrology for the Holiday Season

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Sun Sign Guide to Holiday Harmony Practical Astrology for the Holiday Season

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Dec 8, 2015


This comprehensive guide gives you practical tools you need to find serenity and joy during the holidays. Learn about the core motivations, strengths, and challenges of your own Sun Sign and discover practical ways to maximize the gifts of your Sign so that you can overcome holiday challenges. This book will also help guide you to reaching a deep understanding of the core motivations and strengths of others based on their Sun Sign. Whether your goal is to stick to keep the peace, strengthen relationships, or minimize stress, the key to aligning with your true potential to create a harmonious holiday is in understanding your unique energy and the energies of others. For each Sun Sign, you will find a basic overview followed by detailed description of strengths, triggers, keys to overcoming common food and money triggers, as well as no-nonsense tips for shining your brightest in any situation. Each section also includes a deep exploration of the archetypal of your Sun Sign as demonstrated by the persona of timeless holiday story characters. More than just an e-book, you will also have a link to the Holiday Harmony program which includes audios and meditations to connect with the real Spirit of the Season!

Dec 8, 2015

About the author

As Your 21st Century Relationship Psychic, Angela Kaufman is committed to helping others build empowered, intuitive relationships based on a holistic and mystical approach. She is a proponent of practical, spiritual Soulutions and blends a background as a Clinical Social Worker with years of study of systems such as Astrology, Tarot and Metaphysics. By making mystical tools practical and available to modern people, Angela is helping others awaken to their higher calling and life purpose. She is co-author of several books including Wicca, What's the Real Deal; breaking through the Misconceptions, Sacred Objects, Sacred Space; Everyday Tools for the Modern Day Witch, and the Esoteric Dream Book all available through Schiffer Publishing and written collaboratively with Patricia Gardner and Dayna Winters. She has appeared on numerous radio shows including The Love Show with Pamela Cummins, Medium at Large with Julie MacDonald, and Isis Paranormal Radio with Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner. In 2015 she created the Discover Your Inner Queen, Mystical Path to Empowerment Kits and Courses for women who want to learn the secrets to aligning their energy for optimal growth and success. The Inner Queen Kits are a vehicle for assisting women in their conscious transformational process and sales of each kit also help benefit a local charity that provides safe refuge for animals whose people are fleeing Domestic Violence. Angela is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Medium, Certified Tarot Reader and is also trained in Reiki and Animal Communication. She is also hostess of the upcoming radio show Love, Intuitively, coming soon to Beyond Borders Paranormal Radio.

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Book Preview

Sun Sign Guide to Holiday Harmony Practical Astrology for the Holiday Season - Angela Kaufman

Holiday Harmony, Sun Sign

Guide to Getting Along With Anyone

Angela Kaufman

Copyright © 2015 by Angela Kaufman

Please respect the work of the author. This E-Book is copyright protected and is not intended for resale or redistribution in any form. Thank you!

Gathering for a holiday celebration can bring up conflicting feelings. Bring light, love & warmth to your relationships. Understanding the core passion in yourself and those around you to help you build, not burn, your bridges!

Use this reference guide to accompany the Audio program Holiday Harmony, Sun Sign Guide to Getting Along With Anyone and the Bonus Audio Understanding Core Motivations of the 12 Sun Signs.

Astrology & the Sun Signs: Strengths and Limitations

Astrology involves a complex system of relationships between planets, signs, and placement in the birth chart. Your Sun sign describes the sign in which the Sun is placed at the time of your birth, however it is only a part of your total energy. This is why you may relate to the characteristics of more than one sign.

A natal chart in astrology is like the energetic and Karmic blueprint for your life. Like a blueprint for a house, it is complex and represents a baseline. Within that baseline however, you may grow and evolve throughout your life.

Even without having an understanding of your chart in depth, knowing the placement of your sun, or your Sun Sign is a helpful key, since the Sun represents your expression of your identity, and therefore will give many clues to what motivates you and how you carry yourself in the world. It is advised that the reader explore the descriptions of each sign, to identify the various motivations and perspectives of others they will interact with.


Press Ctrl while Clicking the Sign of the Zodiac below to go right to that chapter.

Aries- March 21-April 19

Taurus- April 20-May 20

Gemini- May 20-June 21

Cancer- June 22-July 21

Leo- July 22- Aug 21

Virgo Aug 22-Sept 21

Libra- Sept 22-Oct 21

Scorpio- Oct 22- Nov 21

Sagittarius- Nov 22- Dec 21

Capricorn- Dec 22-Jan 21

Aquarius- Jan 22- Feb 21

Pisces- Feb 22- March 20

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About the Author


March 21-April 19

Strength: Willpower, Leadership

Core Motivation: Expression of self as individual.

Key to Compromise: Recognize leadership ambition and passion as extension of inner will to express self. Give Aries tasks to be in charge of and allow their energy to inspire and motivate you and others.

Aries, your gift to others is your courageous willingness to leap into action to be of service to others. Keep in mind that your image of success may differ slightly from the image others have. Be open to lending your strength and courage, but let others maintain their right to free will.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and as this suggests, their energy can be like that of a first born child. Eager, curious, brave, outgoing. Those born with Sun in Aries are forever young, like the Peter Pan character.

In relationships, this can mean that Aries see from a first person perspective and evaluate situations based on their own interests. They don’t always stop to put themselves in others’ shoes. This can lead to conflict when misunderstandings occur. Aries likes to take initiative and may be speeding into action before ideas are fully developed, leaving loved ones feeling frustrated.

Aries Holiday Temptations

Aries is the director and go-getter. Impulsivity can be a trap during the holidays as Aries will go out on a limb to pursue what is believed to bring the greatest joy to those around him or her, at times overlooking what others are actually communicating. Aries can also struggle in social situations in which they are not the leader.

Aries naturally take charge, so if you are a visitor at someone else’s holiday celebration, power struggles can emerge. Explore ways to bring your power house of dynamic energy to ignite the fires of passion, warmth and celebration, rather than focusing on differences, conflict and power struggles. Agreeing to disagree is not your best skill but is a skill which you can cultivate by channeling your energy into that which you can change and making peace with that which you can’t.

If you are an Aries

Be a leader when you can, but also make room for others to take the lead. Use your courage, determination, and strength to inspire and motivate others. Avoid access to situations in which your impulses may get the better of you. Plan to have safe transportation if you are drinking, or avoid alcohol altogether. Leave credit cards at home in favor of cash, etc.

Aries Healthy Diet

Aries is typically active and known for physical strength so being active and motivated to exercise helps control holiday weight gain. Indulging is a tougher obstacle especially because Aries tends to act first and stop to consider all sides later. You do not need to eat a lot of food and may feel sluggish or slowed down by indulging in large meals. Aries has a good tolerance for most foods and will usually be able to work off holiday pounds because they are always on the move. Aries can be prone to a fiery temper and if family or other relationships are tense, alcohol may add fuel to the fire, and it is suggested that Aries keep grounded and level, and veer away from mind altering substances which can help fuel their already fiery personality.

Nourish the body with grounding food like root vegetables. Aries may have a high tolerance for spicy foods but these may irritate the system in large amounts.

Aries Sticking to a Budget

Aries is focused and task oriented. Once you are given a mission you stick to it, and this can work for or against you.

Either you: Have sticking to a budget as your mission and will not compromise even if it means you don’t meet the expectations of others…

Or you: Have making others happy as your first priority and overlook opportunities to save yourself money in order to satisfy someone’s requests or expectations.

All or nothing by nature, you know how to take charge, so be clear what you are charging after!

Your main budgeting nemesis is impulsivity, so credit cards are not your friend during the holidays. If you make a list in advance and allow some flexibility with that list (for example, having a set number of people to shop for and an idea of what you would like to buy, but allowing that

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