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Pray Your Way Into Breakthroughs: Turnaround Edition - Powerful Prayers That Bring A Turnaround & Unleash Breakthroughs Into Your Life

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If you want to do great things, go places, overcome adversity, become established and fulfill your own unique destiny, this is a unique book that will help you.

Pray Your Way Into Breakthroughs - Turnaround Edition is the most comprehensive annual prayer guide available to anyone seeking to fulfill purpose.

If you have any pending blessings in life, this book will show you how to recover them so that you can use them to build the foundation of your destiny. If evil wants to carry itself over in your life from one year to another, this book shows you how to halt it in its tracks.

Pray Your Way Into Breakthroughs - Turnaround Edition by John Miller also shows you the divine way to open the spiritual gates of your year so that you can enter and prosper within it. The eternal principles of sowing and reaping are properly explained as are the principles of spiritual, mental and physical establishment.

The prayer points in this book, if prayed with concentrated faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, provide sufficient spiritual power to win victory for you in all your endeavors.

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