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Mac is loving his life within Cam’s new Pack in the US, particularly loving his part-time work in Chastity’s new orphanage for abandoned, or abused, Shifter kids. Life is good, almost perfect. Then his beast starts acting strange and what entails tests him beyond anything he’s ever dealt with in his life. A dilemma that can only end in one of two ways: unending misery or a lifetime of joy.

Cam and Chastity are relishing their life as newly mated and as the Alphas of their new Pack when their world gets turned on its end. They're thrust on a mission to rescue a hybrid Shifter baby and they also have their own dilemma and news that will bring the Pack a happiness that none of them would have thought. That is, if all goes as planned, and with Cam and Chastity, that is rarely the case.

Another hot and suspenseful addition to A K Michaels’ best-selling shifter series.

Published: A K Michaels on
ISBN: 9781516334544
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Highland Wolf Clan, Dilemmas - A K Michaels

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Chastity poked him in the ribs, Cam, answer the damn phone.

What? he mumbled, his arm reaching for it, What time is it? he grumbled, opening his eyes and seeing his brother’s number.

Fear lapped at his insides as he connected the call, Grant wouldn’t call in the middle of the night unless it was something important; or something was wrong. Grant? You know it’s like three in the morning here?

Cam’s anxiety flew up several notches as Grant sighed, that one sound telling him something was very wrong. Grant, is Mother okay? You, Shelly, are you alright?

Grant didn’t answer straight away and Cam sat up, clutching the phone to his ear. Dammit, Grant, tell me what’s wrong.

His brother’s voice filled with sadness as he whispered, I’m sorry, Cam, I just don’t know where to start.

Hey, it’s okay, Mo bhràthair, but first you gotta tell me; is our mother alright?

Yes, Grant’s voice wobbled, sending shockwaves running through Cam’s gut. Mother is, well, she’s not hurt or anything, but, fuck it! Cam, some stuff’s happened here and it’s bad, very bad.

Cam got out of bed, pacing back and forth as Chastity sat up. What’s wrong, Cam?

Cam shushed her with a wave of his hand, focusing on his brother. Grant, are you and Shelly okay?

Shelly’s fine. Grant cursed under his breath before going on. Well, she is now, but I nearly lost her, Cam, and that’s shaken me up. Fuck!

Brother, I need you to sit down, catch your breath and then I really need you to tell me what the fuck’s going on.

He could hear Grant pacing, much the same as he was. Grant, you’ve got me really worried here, bro.

I know, I’m sorry. Grant let out a long sigh, I just don’t know where to start.

At the beginning, Grant, at the beginning.

Okay. Grant’s voice held a trace of something suspiciously like tears, surely his brother wasn’t crying?

I’m listening. Cam held his breath, scared of what Grant was about to tell him.

Right, so, when we got home things didn’t go quite as we hoped. Dad—

Cam cut him off. What did that bastard do? Did he upset Shelly?

Cam, please, don’t interrupt. Grant’s voice full of emotion as he spoke. It’s hard enough making this call so please let me get through it. I’ll answer any questions once I’ve told you everything. Okay?

Cam’s free hand bunched into a fist as he envisioned his father giving Shelly a hard time. He’d warned her, warned Grant, that Lachlan would be an asshole. Sure, sorry, carry on.

So, Dad wasn’t happy I’d brought Shelly back. He was going on about my duty to the Pack and the fact I shoulda mated the Border’s Alpha’s daughter, stuff like that. We argued and I thought I’d set him straight. I told him if he didn’t treat her, and me, with the same respect he’d demanded all his fucking life, then we’d settle it the Wolf way.

Gasping in shock, Cam couldn’t help himself from butting in. Shit, I bet that didn’t go down well with the old bugger.

No, Grant sighed again, it didn’t. Anyway, I thought it was settled but, fuck it all to hell, it wasn’t. Cam, he decided that the Two Hearts legend was nothing but a piece of nonsense and he conspired with another Pack member to get Shelly alone on her first hunt. He planned to kill Shelly, Cam, shit, he almost succeeded.

Cam’s legs shook at Grant’s words, sitting on the edge of the bed his heart sped up. He fucking didn’t, did he? And who the fuck helped him? I hope you ripped their heart out, Grant.

Grant let out a cold, hard, mirthless chuckle. No, I didn’t. Truth is I wanted to, but I couldn’t.

Cam spat out, rage filling him. What? Why the fuck not?

The person that helped him was Nancy.

All the air left Cam’s lungs, causing him to gasp and he knew if he hadn’t been sitting down he would’ve fallen to the floor. Shocked to his core he murmured, Shit, no, tell me she didn’t.

Aye, Grant replied, she fucking did. If it wasn’t for Blayne then Shelly would be dead and you wouldn’t be speaking to me, Cam, ‘cause I woulda died too.

Fuck! Cam roared, anger coursing through him in great waves. I’ll fucking kill him. I swear it, Grant. I’m coming over as soon as I can get the jet ready and I’ll fucking rip his heart from his bloody chest.

Chastity crawled up behind him, her arms circling his waist to hold him tight. He was relieved she didn’t speak because he was sure he would’ve snapped at her if she had. When the red rage dimmed slightly his brother’s words made it through to his consciousness.

You don’t need to do that, Cam. I’ve already taken care of it.

Cam’s entire body shook, with fury, upset, and rage. What? What does that mean, exactly?

I killed him, Cam. Grant’s voice broke. I killed our father.

Chastity’s arms tightened around him, her head laying on his shoulder as he processed Grant’s words. His reply was the first thing that sprang to mind. Good, I’m fucking glad, saves me a trip.

His mate tightened her grip, pinching him, and he realized why. Cam had always had an estranged relationship with Lachlan; Grant had not.

Shit, Grant, sorry, how are you? That must’ve been tough.

I’m okay, I guess. Grant’s voice now a little stronger. I saw red, Cam. I’ve never felt anything like it and, truth be told, I hope I never do again. The old fucker did his usual of fighting dirty, but I was expecting it. After all, it’s how he usually wins and he taught us both well in that regard. Anyway, it was over pretty quickly, thank the Goddess.

Are you sure you’re okay? I can come over if you need me.

Grant carried on as if Cam hadn’t spoken. I found out he’d been hurting Mum. Her back was covered in bruises and welts, the same ones you used to have. He used his belt on her, Cam. When I saw it, I was already out for his blood but then me ‘n Sandy caught up to him when he was trying to kill Shelly, so things just fucking went nuts.

I’m sorry, Grant, I wish I’d been there to help. Cam knew this would affect his brother greatly. Far more than if he’d been the one to take out their father; Grant wasn’t as hard as he was.

I know. Grant’s tone wasn’t quite so tortured. Mum’s safe now, although she’s upset, obviously. Shelly’s okay too and the Pack has rallied ‘round us. Blayne was a hero, if not for him then Dad woulda succeeded.

Tell him I send my thanks.

I will.

Cam broached the subject that Grant had, so far, ignored. What did you do with Nancy?

What would you have done? he asked.

That’s hard to answer, Grant, but I think I might’ve killed her. If she put Chastity in danger, I’m sure my anger would’ve taken over. But, you’re not me, so what did you do?

I thought long and hard on it. Shelly and I spoke for hours of what we should do. In the end, I couldn’t do it, even if I felt she deserved it, and let’s be clear; if she was a man, then she’d definitely be dead. Grant’s tone hardened for a brief moment before continuing. I sent her away, exiled her from Pack land, and sent word out to every other Pack that she is not to be trusted. I told her mum and dad they could stay, it wasn’t their fault, but I think they’ll be leaving soon to be with her.

It was a hard decision to make, Grant, and I respect that you took the time to think about it. Cam was a little sad that their childhood friend had betrayed Grant in such a manner. I still can’t believe she did it. She was one of your best friends.

Sandy says it’s cause she’s always had a thing for me and dreamed of being my mate. Grant let out a small laugh. Hell, I always thought it was you she had eyes for. I never imagined it was me.

You’ve never given yourself credit, Grant. Cam could still feel his brother’s anguish down the line. You’ve done the right thing, for you, Mum, Shelly, and the whole Pack. I’m proud of you little brother.

Thanks, Grant paused, you’re not angry at me for killing Dad?

Cam didn’t even hesitate. Hell no! I meant it earlier, if he were still alive, I would’ve come over and killed the fucker myself. But if you ever need to talk about this, anytime, then call me. I know it’s going to be hard for you, bro, so just contact me if you need to. Okay?

I will.

Take care of Mum for me, will you?

Sure thing. Grant lowered his voice. She’s upset, obviously, but hell, she’s relieved too. I can see it in her eyes.

That’s good, Grant. Cam’s free hand covered Chastity’s, needing to hold her. I’ve had my suspicions about him hurting her but could never prove it. If I had, then I would’ve challenged him long ago.

I never did, Grant gulped. I honestly never thought he’d hurt her and that’s eating me up inside. She won’t tell me how long it’s been going on for. How long I’ve missed it. Fuck, I should’ve seen it.

Don’t start second guessing things. It doesn’t do anyone any good. Just focus on that mate of yours and looking after Mum and the Pack. Cam spun his head to look into Chastity’s eyes. The love of a mate can help ease any pain, Grant, turn to Shelly now and she’ll help you through this.

Good advice, Cam.

For once in your life take it without arguing. Now, if there’s nothing else, I think I’m going back to bed and hold Chastity for a very long time.

I will, thanks, Mo bhràthair. I’ll call you soon to just catch up.

‘Bye, Grant. Cam heard him say it back before he disconnected the call, looking at it in his hands as Chastity gently kissed his shoulder.

You okay?

I take it you heard most of that? Cam asked quietly, still not believing the depths their father had sunk to.

Yes. I know you weren’t close, but I’m still sorry for your loss.

Hell, the way things were between us, it’s a miracle I hadn’t killed him before now.

I’m glad you didn’t, Cam, that’s a heavy load to bear. Chastity’s arms wound around his neck. Killing a father isn’t something anyone can shoulder lightly, no matter the circumstances. I hope Grant’s going to be okay.

I know what you mean. Cam leaned back into her warm embrace. I hope Shelly can help him through this. He’s far more forgiving than I am. That’s not a defect on his part, more on mine, but I hope he can shoulder this burden without it changing him.

Me too, and you’re too hard on yourself, Cam. You’ve come a long way since I first met you.

That’s because of you, Chastity. Cam turned, grasping her tightly to him. I love you, my mate.

I love you too. She kissed his cheek softly. Now, can we get back to sleep or do you want to talk some more?

Cam nuzzled her neck. "No talking but sleep is the last thing on my mind right now.

~ Chapter 1 ~

Cam lay in bed trying to get his heart to slow down as a myriad of emotions ran through him. Chastity’s eyes locked on his as she stood at the bathroom door holding a small white plastic stick in her hand.

I’m sorry, she whispered, her face white with shock.

Finally he forced his voice to work, sitting up quickly and holding out his arms. Hey, you’ve nothing to be sorry for. Come here.

She ran to him, falling into his embrace as tears ran down her face, soaking his bare chest. Don’t cry. Why are you crying, babe?

It’s my fault. She sobbed against him. I’m so sorry, Cam, we’d agreed about this and now I’ve changed everything.

Chastity, baby, please don’t cry. Cam knew his lack of immediate response was probably the reason his cherished mate now lay crying in his arms. I was just taken by surprise, that’s why I didn’t say anything sooner. I’m not upset, honey, honestly.

Really? She turned her eyes up to gaze into his, the tears still filling hers causing his stomach to clench tightly.

Really. Cam leaned down, kissing her softly. We may not have planned it, but it’s not something I want you to feel guilty about. Hell, if I remember right it was me that forgot to put the damn condom on.

Yes, but if I hadn’t listened to the doc and didn’t have a break from my birth control, then you wouldn’t have had to use a condom.

If he said you needed a break then you needed a break. Cam grinned at her. Hell, it’s ‘cause you’re so damn sexy that I forgot the rubber.

She pinched his side, hard. Don’t try and flatter me, not when I’ve been blubbering and know I look like shit.

You look adorable. Cam sobered, his tone more serious now. I don’t want you feeling upset, okay? It’s not good for you or our child.

Chastity’s face finally brightened, a smile in her eyes. A baby. Shit, we’re going to be parents, Cam.

Yes, we are. Cam could feel her unease rolling off her. And we’ll do a damn good job of it too. Hell, look how well you take care of the kids over at the orphanage. You’re so good with them and you’ll be the same with this little one.

I hope so. She looked worried. Heck, my family was fucked up and you and your father were estranged. What kind of family will we be with backgrounds like that, Cam?

A fucking great one. Cam pulled her closer, tighter against his side. "It’s because of that we’ll make damn sure our kids are loved and taken care of."

Are you sure? She nibbled her bottom lip. What if our pasts come back to haunt us?

They won’t, Cam said forcibly. I promise you that. Now, do you know how far along you are?

Again she pinched him. We only did it once without the condom so I’d say we can be pretty specific on dates, Cam.

Oh, yeah, hadn’t thought of that. He shrugged. Hey, shoot me, I’m not exactly an expert in all this.

Almost four weeks. Her hand went to her belly, slowly rubbing it.

I think we can keep this to ourselves for a little while. You shouldn’t be giving off any scent you’re pregnant for a good few weeks yet.

Just what I was thinking. I want this just between us for now. She snuggled into him. You’re sure you’re not upset?

I’m sure. Cam felt a little shocked at his reaction. Kids had definitely