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The Eight Immortals: Taoist Tales of Liberation

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The legendary EIGHT IMMORTALS of Taoism come to life in this latest book by Fr.Axel. He narrates for the first time the COMPLETE story behind the most beloved Saints of Chinese ritual and popular culture. The author shares with us magic tales of love, loyalty, adventure and transcendence. The Eight Lucky Saints are a merry gang of Realized People. They appear to the bourgeoisie as being crazy, perverted, and completely freaked out. Centuries before Haight-Ashbury and the Doors, the 8 Immortals were the first hippies of the Taoist counterculture. They are hard on criminals, but soft on the underdog. Like Chinese Robin Hoods, they take from the rich and distribute freely to the poor. Their very actions and philsophy are a WAY to free the individual from a suppressive government and society. Each of the Transcendents carries with him/her a special magic tool. This tool can heal and resurrect the dead. Worshipping the Eight Immortals is an integral part of Folk-Taoism in China and its diaspora.

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