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33 Postcards From Heaven

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"33 Postcards From Heaven" is a comic novel masquerading as a book of postcards and written like a film script. A gentle satire on the New Age movement, it describes one man's search for the perfect day. That man is Joe Deegan, a teledramatist by trade (soap operas and cop shows), and an incurable romantic by inclination. Joe comes to Heaven, UStraylia, seeking a stress-free lifestyle in a non-toxic environment. This naturally involves organic food, a lot of healing, a fair bit of enlightenment and a little lie-down on an unspoilt beach - almost every day. Where it finally dawns on Joe that, while life could be completely miraculous, time remained unbearably short. And with expensive guidance from his accountant/guru, things were going really well - until the occasion of Joe's fiftieth birthday. In quick succession he nearly drowns in the surf, throws away an undemanding, well-paid job, and pretty much destroys the perfect relationship. When it looks as though his humble fibro cottage is about to be surrounded by dozens of cluster-cement town houses, the happy birthday starts to go seriously pear shaped....

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