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Accident or Homicide

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When Louise Blanch had to go shopping and was ready to drive home. She, as usual, drove out close to the street and waited for her turn to enter the traffic. Her trouble was she didn't wait for a break in the line of vehicles. When she thought it was her turn, she floored the gas pedal and went out in the traffic. The unfortunate part was that an ambulance carrying a heart patient to the emergency department was zigzagging through the traffic happen to be at the wrong the wrong time. As Louise Blanch floored the pedal, and as she was speeding out to the traffic she broadsided the ambulance that was pushed under a bus driving in the outside lane.
The ambulance driver, the medical person in the back as well as the patient Richard Norman were all dead. Richard Norman, the only son to a wealthy drug, and slum lord Felix Norman was dead when the police arrived. Having a meeting with all his lawyers Felix was told that he could not vengeance his son, as the father of Richard would be the first person the police would contact as a suspect. Felix pretended to agree with his lawyers but decided to take care of the problem himself. Felix contacted Bruce Lind, his dead sons best friend and put out a plan. Bruce accepted the challenge and promised to take care of Mr. Norman's problems. It took some good planning but in the end, Bruce finished up with a handsome reward.

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