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Simplified Bicycle Repair

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Ebook Teaches You How To Safely Tune-Up And Adjust Bicycles And Earn $500 Or More Per Week.

Here's an opportunity for you to learn how to fix your bicycles and earn income doing it for others.

Simplified Bicycle Repair is a complete basic course that teaches you how to use simple tools to safely adjust and tune-up your multi-speed bicycles for less than 1/10th the cost.

How Much Can I Save?

Typical bicycle shops charge about $30 to tune up a bicycle, but you can do it yourself for free! A brake or gear adjustment will cost about $8, but your cost is zero.

Can I Earn Money With This Skill?

This knowledge will let you earn extra income by tuning and adjusting bicycles for others. During the bicycle season, you can make up to $1,000 per week and more!

Simplified Bicycle Repair teaches you the skills to:
* Get satisfaction from correctly and safely adjusting your bicycles
* Save money by correctly adjusting and tuning up your bicycles for free
* Earn extra income by tuning up and adjusting bicycles for others

This Ebook is ideal for parents, workshop providers, do-it-yourself enthusiasts, and people who want to earn extra income.

What You Will Learn In This Ebook:
* Selecting the correct bicycle frame size.
* Tools to use and where to get them.
* The safe way to carry a bicycle up/down stairs
* The Bicycle Frame.
* The Brake System adjustment.
* Multi-speed Gear adjustment.
* Chain types.
* Seat adjustments.
* Handlebar stem adjustment.
* Fork adjustment.
* Bottom bracket adjustment.
* Useful Accessories.
* Tips for buying a used bicycle.

The Bottom Line
Simplified Bicycle Repair will teach you how to successfully tuneup and adjust your own bicycles whenever you want without going into debt. Hundreds of people have mastered the simple method that is presented on this Ebook, and you can too. This Ebook pays for itself when you tuneup your first bicycle.

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