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Jaspierre: Jaspierre, #1

192 pages3 hours


This is a dark, creepy and quirky tale about a smart girl.

Jaspierre, the pharmaceutical billionaire, had a problem. She wasn't sure if she should kill the man who's been locked in her basement or let him go. He’s the nicest person she’s ever met. Mother would be so proud if she ended him. Well, he did kill her cat. But it's been ten years. Jaspierre can't seem to let him go- or murder him.

Mother, her teacher, never had any trouble experimenting on animals and people. Why did it make her feel so confused?

The only person who has really loved her just happens to be a serial killer named Chance.  He stalks her, and haunts her. That is all she knows of love.

What happens if you are raised to be a killer?  What happens if you don’t want to be one?

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