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Commodity Pyramid Trading Course

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This "Commodity Pyramid Trading Course" is for the beginner. It helps you to plan and monitor your trading activities. Learn how to successfully pillar and pyramid trading using very profitable and very risky pillar and pyramid trading techniques. It is the process of trading commodity futures contracts in such a way that when the profit from a single trade equals the current margin for the commodity, the profit is used to self-finance an additional futures contract. This self-finance process can take either of two methods: pillar trading -or- pyramid trading. This Pyramid trading course teaches you how to sensibly use high-risk/high reward leverage to your advantage. This is a new landmark course which is not available anywhere else on the planet!

This trading course gives you specialized knowledge to increase your wealth, improve your trading, and possibly change your lifestyle using the following items:

* Technical Analysis
* Trading Plan
* Money Management Plan

When you combine all three of these items, it puts the odds of consistent successful trades in your favor. This trading course gives you a well-grounded education on how to succeed at trading commodity futures.

Why Trade Commodities?

Here are some of the main benefits of commodity trading:

* Commodity Futures and Options trading is a business that deals in the buying and selling of basic, expendable items. Each in itself is a survival industry. They were here 30 years ago and they will be here 30 years from now. People will always want (and need) orange juice, bacon, gold, silver, wheat, soybeans, copper, coffee, cotton, cocoa, beef, corn, etc.

* Commodity Futures and Options trading is a recession-proof activity. You can profit if prices go up, or if they go down. In fact, you can also profit if price does not move at all!

* Trading commodities involves high financial leverage, giving you high profit potential for a small investment. A $1,350 refundable security deposit will let you control a Silver futures contract which contains 5,000 ounces of silver. So when the price of Silver is at $5/oz. the contract is valued at $25,000. The security deposit in this example is only 5.4% of the commodity contract's total value. A change in the price of Silver by 1-cent results in a $50 change in the value of your futures contract either for or against you. A Silver price move of 10-cents in your favor makes you $500 in profit. And this can frequently happen in a few days!

* Your "business" involves just you and the market and you can run your business from any location on the planet. (and with a cell phone, you can be in a hammock on the beach in Bora Bora - sipping down Pina Coladas watching dolphins break the water).

* It moves you from a Linear Income model (where you work "x" hours to make "y" dollars) to a Geometric Income model (where you work very little - but can generate a lot of income).

* Once you learn this process, it takes less than 30 minutes per weekday of your time to "work at your business". With more free time, you have the opportunity to change your lifestyle and do the important things in your life; like go shopping, take vacations, play, spend more quality time with your loved ones, rapidly fund your retirement portfolio (did I miss anything?).

* It gives you a way to "offset" cost increases for items which you use. For example, you can neutralize increased gasoline or natural gas price increases by holding a futures position or an option. The profits will more than defray the energy cost increases which are passed on to you.

Are You Smart?

If you are one of those really smart people, you can take the time to learn something valuable that can change your life in a positive way. You have absolutely nothing to lose except your time, and you can use your new-found knowledge to bridge yourself into the lifestyle you have always dreamed of living.

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