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Mind Soul Ink Paper (and Other Essays On Faith, Reading, and Writing)

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In this collection of essays, author Rachel Starr Thomson delves into the heart of writing and reading as a Christian. Thought-provoking and delightful, Mind Soul Ink Paper includes some of Rachel's most popular and eclectic work.

Highlights include "Hero Hunting," "Paint the Light," and "Beauty and the Beast," which explore the influence of writers like George MacDonald and Tolkien while sounding a call for Christian fiction that is vibrant and beautiful. "Fire Words" examines the written work of famous 19th-century missionary Amy Carmichael, ending with a paragraph that sums up the thrust of Thomson's work as well:

"It is the eternal in books that makes them our friends and teachers—the paragraphs, the verses, that grip memory and ring down the years like bells, or call like bugles, or sound like trumpets; words of vision that open to us undying things and fix our eyes on them.”

Other essays collected here include "Mind Soul Ink Paper," "Living the Past," and "Our Father."

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