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Theodore Pharris Saves the Universe

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Eight-year-old Theodore Pharris lives an incredibly boring life until the day he accidentally shoots a spaceship out of the sky with his slingshot. Discovering a crackpot alien plot to blow up the universe, Theodore, his quirky adult friends, and his faithful dogs Balfour and Breck launch out on a mission to save . . . well, everyone.

From the local planetarium to the local jail, from the veterinarian’s office to the far-flung reaches of space, Theodore’s adventures put his wits, his size, and his friendships to the ultimate test. Along the way, important questions are raised: Why is King Marvin called “The Nasty”? Will Edgartina Richards ever get a driver’s license? And how much can Jenny Fowler fit in that purse, anyway?

Being the good guys, they’re almost certain to win. The question is, can they do it in time?

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