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Wayfarer's Dream

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Christanya and Mercy have fled the temple of On, where Christanya served as a priestess and Mercy as her servant, and followed the way of the Wayfarer in search of truth and true life. Accompanied by a nobleman named Valiant and three small boys, they find themselves driven by need for food and shelter to enter a town where Christanya reveals herself as a priestess in order to gain favour.

It is the greatest mistake of her life.

Overnight, Christanya and Mercy find themselves trapped in a nightmare as the servants of an older and more bloodthirsty god choose Mercy as a sacrifice. Christanya will do anything to atone for her mistake and rescue her friend—even if it means dying in her place.

As ancient evil rears its head, faith and love must struggle to overcome it. For in the midst of greatest darkness, the Wayfarer’s Dream may come true...

“Wayfarer’s Dream” is a Wayfarer’s Road short story.

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