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The Babel Chip

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The higher they build them, the farther they fall . . .

Jordy Sharp dreams of musical success in Icarius, the City in the Sky--a metropolis of skyscrapers where the upper classes live hundreds of floors above the lower classes, travel happens in the air, and secrets disappear in the streets far below. A chance meeting and friendship with mayoral heir apparent and upper-class snob Ryan Cinderella guarantees he'll make it to the top--but not on his own terms.

Sick of politics and commercial compromise, Jordy takes a chance on a lower-city band, the Gatsby Boys--and plunges himself into a world where crime lords rule, black marketers know all, and a plot to destroy the entire city is well underway.

When the key to saving Icarius accidentally comes to him, Jordy, with one foot in the rareified air of Upper Icarius and the other in the scum shows and life-and-death struggles of the lower city, may be the only person with the courage to save them all.

But the crime lords have learned his name--and if they find him, Jordy's dreams of success may be buried in the rubble of Icarius itself.

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