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Lords of California - A Two Part Novel Set In Historical & Contemporary Santa Barbara

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Segovia’s Chumash Woman, is a fictional novel full of intrigue, murder and sexual shenanigans. It covers The Segovia family who came from Spain, and how they helped build El Presidio in Santa Barbara, California. Settling on land purchased from the Chumash by his father, a young Spanish army officer takes a wife through an arranged marriage, but his true love is a Chumash woman.

Bad Boys Of Santa Barbara, is a steamy romance thriller novel about the three sex-starved Segovia brothers who own a vast winery and Arabian horse-breeding ranch in Santa Barbara County, on the California Central Coast. Throw a gorgeous and sexually charged police forensics expert into the mix plus a sexually deviant and cruel lawyer who latches onto Henri the youngest, and things can get wound fairly tightly -- and they do.

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