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Erotica: Hot Wife and the Gardener

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Mary had just taken a leave from her nursing job after working for five years strong without taking a vacation. This was just too amazing since she clearly needed it. Her boss thought that she was still very young and she deserved to make a point of finding love.

Mary wanted to take another shot at love especially after divorcing his husband who had ran off with a twenty-three-year-old yoga instructor. But before she decides on where to take her vacation, she calls in a gardener to come over and take care of her peony before she takes off. Tony, the gardener, shows up and gives her goose bumps.

Tony was the most handsome man that Mary had the fortune of meeting. And because of that, she decides to stay for a while and see what was going to pop up out of this at the end of the day.

Will anything come out of that spark? Keep on reading to find out what exactly happen there henceforth.

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