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The Princess and the Vampire King

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"I found another book boyfriend!"

"What an imagination!! I absolutely loved this story! First it was the cover that got me hooked. Then...... oh the story! I just lived in the pages until the last one. It was romantic, sexy, fast and a steadily developing story with a yummy book boyfriend in it. I shall be following this author from now on."

"I have to say this author does not disappoint! This is the 2nd book by this author I've read and I cant wait to read more. Her books are awesome. I love that the books start off with a bang and don't stop until the end. This book was no exception."

"There's love, betrayal, kidnapping, lies and did I say love? This book just has it all. If you like alpha males, love triangles, and lots of action this book is for you!"

"This author doesn't disappoint me. I'd love to climb inside her head for a day to see how she manages to come up with some of the things she writes. She's creative, entertaining and surprising. I hate it when reviewers spill the beans about the story by giving too many details about the plot so I'm just going to say that the book was written in Jessica's point of view. I found Jessica's personality to be funny at times which added to the pleasure of the read. If you want a fast paced vampire romance that has a few aliens and a bit of inter-planetary teleporting in it, this book is the book for you. As it has been with all of Eileen Sheehan's books so far, I enjoyed it enough to give it 5 stars. I hope she keeps them coming!"

"If there is one thing you can say about Eileen's books, it's that they are never boring! This book is action packed, once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down. The characters are great, well developed and relatable. Loved the plot, it's different than other books I've read, which is a nice change! This book just doesn't disappoint with all its twist and turns. I highly recommend it!"

"Jessica does not know who she is beyond being Jessica, orphaned child that is being raised by her Aunt. One day, her fiancee gets upset with her and drives off when she refuses to get into the car with him because he has been drinking. She is kidnapped. Who kidnaps her and why? Who finds her and rescues her? Where is she taken to by those the kidnapped her? Why is she kept in a cave until the day someone else shows up and they leave? Who is this L'oana woman that shows up one day and then dogs Jessica at every turn? What does she have to do with all this? Who are Jack, Org, and Mark? What do each of these men have to do with Jessica or want from Jessica? Things get tricky with Jack when Org comes into the picture. When L'oana spills some info after having Jack knocked out, and Org drugged, what happens? Where is she taken? Who helps her and why? When she gets home, what happens when Jack, Org, and Mark all come together and more secrets are revealed? This was an incredible read. I will not say what Jess' choice is so you can be surprised."

What happens when the king of vampires on Planet Earth and the heir to the throne of Planet Kurr fall in love?

Jessica was raised on earth and had no idea she was the princess of the planet Kurr and heir to its throne until she is captured by the evil flesh eating Dragos and then rescued by Jack, the king of the vampires on Earth. Unbeknownst to Jessica, Jack has been guarding her for most of her life from the shadows as a promise to her deceased father. Over those years he grew to love and desire her. Now that he’s so close to her, he struggles to subdue that love and desire, while Jessica pushes to bring it forth.

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