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Ferocity (The Ferocity Series, #1)

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"When it started, it was the size of a dot, but it dissolved like a drop of ink into a glass of water. The clear became clouded, and what was once light faded into dark. It spread like a disease affecting all mankind, this evil."

He swore he'd never go back.
He knew it wasn't safe.
He vowed to live out his life on an island of paradise.
But some promises aren't ours to keep...

After a world-wide societal fallout, Judson, Rune, and Abel, three siblings, have grown up isolated on a Caribbean island, protected and cared for by their father. But when he realizes that the island's food sources are running gravely low, he's forced into making a decision he thought he'd never make: to return with his family to the dangerous mainland. However, the siblings don't exactly agree with their father's decision. And these three can fight--fight with a volatile sibling ferocity.

The first of The Ferocity Series, Ferocity is an action-packed young adult dystopian that explores familial relationships in the midst of widespread chaos and the limitations of our own fears.

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Ferocity, book #1
Animosity, book #2
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