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My First Book About Flamingos: Amazing Animal Books - Children's Picture Books

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Table of Contents

What Flamingos look like
How do they eat?
What do they eat?
Why are Flamingos pink?
Flamingos usually do not migrate
Habitat (Where Flamingos Live)
Species of Flamingos
#1: The Greater Flamingo
#2: The American Flamingo (also known as the Caribbean Flamingo):
#3. The Andean Flamingo:
#4. The James Flamingo:
#5. The Lesser Flamingo:
#6. The Chilean Flamingo:
Flamingos in Love
Flamingo Chicks
Other facts you may not know:


Flamingos feathers aren't always pink. They can change with what they eat, from red to orange to white to blue.

Flamingos like to be with lots of other flamingos, their colonies can have up to thousands of birds in them.

Flamingos are one of the oldest species still in the World today. They have been around for 30 million years.

They like to wade along the shore looking for brine shrimp to eat, which is a reason they are pink.

Flamingos live on the coast of Central and South America, the West Indies, and the Galapagos Islands.

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