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Khari's Tale

323 pages5 hours


Legacy of Bronze and Bone Book 2.
With the help of his eclectic group of companions Khari has followed the prophesies of his seer and discovered the doom spoken of seems to be connected to refugees who have fled their own world in order to seek shelter in Kisar. However, is the doom spoken of in prophesy the strange beings the people fled from, or the refugees themselves? Whoever they are, their words of peace only serve to heighten Khari's suspicion of them. Khari also guards his own secrets; secrets which, if revealed, could destroy his relationship with his new found companions. He must walk a fine line between his new friendships and his duty to his own people.

This series is set in the stone-age fantasy world of Kisar, which found its origin in the SAGE tabletop roleplaying system. It is a story of high adventure and magic. The story follows a group of travellers whom fate has placed in the path of a global event which promises to break the world. Above all else it is a story about people, and the journey of self discovery that life takes them on.

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