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Esther - A Model of Your Spiritual Life

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The Story of Esther Told Like Never Before.

A Story Told in Allegories to help you Live The Life God Wants For You.

Did you know that the story of Esther is the story of your spiritual life?

Taking one of the best stories from the Bible, Apostle Les breaks it down step by step and shows you the allegories in this story and what it means to you as a believer in Christ.

There are many confusing facts in this story. Such as the fact that the word God is not mentioned once in the book of Esther. But if you look at it the right way Esther is a great story of the salvation experience and your spiritual life.

Les tells you the story as a movie and takes you through it, showing you what each event means to you. Follow along with the story and see how each piece fits, and what you need to do to have a happy ending.

This book will get you excited again about your salvation. You will come to a new understanding of what it means to give your life to the Lord and live the life He wants for you.

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