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The Wounded Don’t Cry

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Quentin Reynolds, noted author and columnist for Colliers magazine, was among the select group of American correspondents that recorded and recounted the Second World War in Europe from the very beginning. In this witty, perceptive and personal account the author tells of the fall of France and the Battle of Britain.

“Collier’s our reporter tells the inside story of everyday life in England, particularly in London, and makes you feel, for sure “‘there’ll always be an England’”. No mawkish sentimentality here, but cold hard facts about people, conditions and life and death. Reynolds was there in time to see France Collapse and he bears witness to the courage of the French soldiers, bewildered and betrayed by their leaders. He escaped south to Bordeaux, he got to England, to Ireland. He sees the Englishman in his home, his pub, his factory, his hospital, his airfield, his shelter. You meet R.A.F. men, labor leaders, members of the cabinet. Without belittling the punishment England is taking, he gives you confidence in their survival. Interesting and enlightening reading.”-Kirkus Reviews.

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