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From Down Under To Nippon: The Story Of Sixth Army In World War II

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A fascinating view of the Pacific War by the victorious commander of the US Sixth Army, who led his men through the islands and jungles against the Imperial Japanese Army to final victory in recapturing the Philippines.

“ALTHOUGH NEARLY EIGHT YEARS have passed since the end of the war with Japan, the story of the conspicuous part Sixth Army played in it remains to be told. Instead of publishing my personal reminiscences of the events in which I participated, I decided to write the story of Sixth Army. I felt that I owed this to all who served under me there—in particular to the many thousands who laid down their lives.

The result is an unadorned narrative of the long trek of Sixth Army “from Down Under to Nippon”; of much bitter fighting; of hardships and shortcomings, as well as outstanding performances; of luck and of victory. The story is based upon my own official reports and those from my subordinate units, and upon my own notes and recollections. It stresses the bold and brilliant strategic plans of our Commander in Chief, General Douglas MacArthur, which charted our course to victory in the Southwest Pacific and which were effectively carried out by his Army-Navy-Air Forces team, of which Sixth Army formed an essential part.”—From author’s Foreword

“History has not given him due credit for his greatness. I do not believe that the annals of American history have shown his superior as an Army commander. Swift and sure in the attack, tenacious and determined in defense, modest and restrained in victory—I do not know what he would have been in defeat, because he was never defeated.”—General MacArthur

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