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Zoomies, Subs And Zeros

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The exploits of the Submarine Rescue League, which had the job of picking up American flyers shot down while attacking objectives in the Pacific.

‘In writing this book, the authors had a triple purpose.

First, to write the superbly human history of the Submarine Lifeguard League while those who participated in its creation and in its splendid work are still among us to tell that story. It is a chapter of Naval and Air Force operations in the Pacific that richly deserves preservation.

Second, to convey to submariners whose vessels took part in the saving of the lives of hundreds of Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps men an essential picture of the overall scope of their activities; as well as to give aviators whose lives were saved by submarines—and their families—a view of the far-flung operations established for snatching airmen from Japs as well as from death at sea.

There remains one more reason for the writing of this book and, perhaps, it is, after all, the most important: namely, to impress upon those who have a voice in such matters at defense and Congressional levels that with new long-range planes and nuclear powered submarines, the lifesaving know-how acquired by submarine and air commanders through bitter and time-consuming experiences should be preserved for future generations of submariners and airmen.’-Author’s Preface.

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