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If we can't be positive individually, how can we expect the world around us to be more positive?  This installment of Proof Positive called "Help Yourself" focuses on various issues regarding being positive among ourselves and includes many personal issues we face in life.  This self-help installment truly focuses on self-help.  More than just positive thinking motivation, Proof Positive is about offering positive and encouraging advice to various issues, including some of the most depressing issues and most stressful situations.  All thoughts are expressed on a personal, passionate, and calming level in plain English.  If you are seeking motivation to be positive from within, as well as seek advice to various personal issues... help yourself by helping yourself to "Help Yourself!"

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Proof Positive - John Marine

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Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is John Marine.  Nice to meet you!  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, USA.  I am a proud Houstonian whose primary trade is blogging.  My blogging history originates to some time back in 2005 or so. Besides blogging, I also take in computer-related hobbies like digital art, voxel modeling, video making, sometimes programming, and even making electronic music.  I enjoy watching motorsports as well as traditional sports.  My favorite traditional sport is gridiron football (especially college football), and I also enjoy basketball.

My first foray into making an eBook begins with this Proof Positive work.  I have never had any experience making an eBook before.  I do not consider myself a great writer or a great reader.  I have no credentials to suggest I am the world's greatest writer.  I do not have ample resources, finances, or loads of time to invest in making sure my material is the best possible material to release.  I lack any real finances to pull off certain marketing campaigns or anything to try to get more fans of my work.  What I do have is the ability to try to make the most with what little I have.  Despite these flaws, I felt there is great importance in creating and releasing this eBook to the masses.  A big part of everything I do is in feeling as if everything has value.  If it any work does not have any value or may not serve any great purpose, I will not release it.  Anything I think had value but no longer has value is material I will get rid of.  I probably could blog about material online rather than create this eBook, but I saw the potential value in offering material that I think could be beneficial in the lives of others.  I also considered the value of profiting financially and profiting in content from my work.  Therefore, I created this eBook in hopes of realizing my full potential and value to others.  Most of all, I prefer having genuine types enjoy my work and actually feel like I earned them without having to resort to any shady tactics.  I enjoy and prefer feeling as if I earned support rather than pay for supoort or be handed support.

It means a lot to me that you decided to take a look at my work and give it a chance.  Once you read through this work I have created, if you enjoyed it, please be sure to tell your friends and family about my work and share it with them.  I hope my work is good enough to be shared with many people worldwide.


I would like to dedicate Proof Positive to people who are having a tough time with life or want to read something encouraging in the wake of constant negativity in our lives and society.  I created this work with offering positivity and encouragement in mind.

I also want to dedicate this eBook to people who have always supported and admired my work- including friends and family.  I am hopeful you get to take a look at my material and enjoy it for all it is worth.  My focus to try to offer the following material is strong, and I am hopeful this will mean a whole lot to those who read and take in the content I present in this text.

If you know someone who may be having some hard times or always feel so negative about life, please be sure to offer my work to someone most in need.  If you offered Proof Positive to someone, thank you.  Nothing is more assuring than knowing someone cares and wants the best in others and for others.  I feel even more thankful you enjoyed my work so much that you would recommend it to others.


The material offered in Proof Positive is all based on personal opinion, and it is therefore not meant to be any substitute for actual advice or counseling.  If you are facing certain conditions and require assistance with mental and/or emotional issues, please consult a counselor, a health care professional, or any other qualified individual.

Introduction to Proof Positive

To help you understand Proof Positive, I would like to share a number of thoughts before continuing.  Take a look at the following material to gain a basic understanding of what you are about to read.  It is a lot, but you will get the best possible understanding of what I am trying to accomplish and how I am trying to accomplish those tasks.

Proof Positive (styled Proof Posi+ive) was created as a response to constant and intensifying negativity in life and society.  The ongoing negativity faced on a day-to-day basis has influenced me to try to offer calming and encouraging content to make people feel better about life and living.  While it may not be the best advice and while this may not be the definitive solution to limit negativity, it is at least my best attempt to help offer advice and encouragement to others.  When conceptualizing Proof Positive, I initially planned this to be one large project.  After giving it some thought, I decided to make Proof Positive a series.  Going with the name Proof Positive to define this series was meant to be a way of saying to people, this is proof we all can live positively and happily.

Proof Positive is a twofold operation in offering positivity and encouragement. First, the material offered begins with certain issues of many kinds of issues ranging from minor annoyances to depressing moments.  After introducing the situation or moment, advice offered from there is based on my understanding of the matter and what I think people should learn from such moments.  I am trying to both offer positive thoughts as well as offer advice on certain general life issues.  I am doing whatever it takes to have the reader feel more confident