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The Front of a Book

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The Front of a Book deals with the idea that our outer image and personality, communicated with the rest of the world, is just that - an outer image. Behind the facade, behind the physical human being, is the soul. This is the true being - the “ghost in the machine”. Few truly understand it and can skilfully manage and navigate life to bring out the best of it. Here is a book that helps you identify the essence of your being - your soul purpose - and provides suggestions and tips to maintain or move you towards a centred, balanced life. Tarot, Numerology and Kabbalah are suggested keys to guide you to understanding and self-help. Like my other two main books, “A New Way to see things (Theory & Practice of Numerology)” and “TheTarot - Self Analysis & Counselling”, there is a great deal packed into a compact volume. It is engrossing reading and carries you through the depths to the heights. A full script of the Sepher Yetzirah (The Book of Formation) is provided in the appendix.

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