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Alexia is a lively,single,sassy and sexy coven witch yet she findsherself and her sex life(or lack of it)the hot topic of her fellow coven sisters after one of the coven's full moon meets. Add to the mix the discovery of an old spell and Alexia's life starts to change very quicklyas a spirit named Lance appears. 

Combine the heat of the full moon and a hint of destiny,life will never be the same again for Alexia.

Published: V J Chisholm on
ISBN: 9781782807223
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Magick Weaved - V J Chisholm

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A big thank you to my mum and dad for putting up with me calling, texting, and messaging them at all hours to get the correct spelling of a word that my mind had chosen to freeze up on at night.

That Coven Meeting


This had all seemed like a good idea at the time!

Famous last words huh? Alexia thought to herself.

It really had, though. Mind you, after knocking back a few glasses of wine or in some cases, honey mead with a few of her coven sisters, there were a lot of things had made perfect sense at the time. On evenings like that, all of the coven sisters were relaxing together, whether it be at the monthly coven meeting or if they had just gotten together to catch up. They would eat, drink and be merry, which of course lead to many a fun debate. Which in turn always lead back onto the dishing of the dirt over some of their past lovers and then moved onto who was having the longest dry spell in their life, then and there.

Now, shockingly, even a few of her married coven sisters had jumped in with their groans and moans of overworked husbands. Clearly, it was no longer just the women in the relationship that uttered the words – Not tonight, Darling, or so it would seem. But within these partnerships, dry spells had only happened in the last few weeks or in one sister’s case, in the last 3 months. (That poor sister was bombarded with unwanted, but well meaning advice of how she and her partner could spice things up in non-magickal, as well some magickal, ways.)

This was the way her and her coven sisters dealt with a problem. Brainstorm, throw in lots of laughter, light teasing, and merriment into the pot, stir well, and the end result would be . . . Well, heck, even if you didn’t find the end results to the problem that night, you still walked away feeling much better, stronger, and full of hope again, while remembering which of the girls had made you laugh the most and shaking your head at some of the bare-faced cheeky suggestions that had been put forth that night, at the very least.

For a lot of the single sisters that were no longer at maiden status, (and had not been for many a year), most, (if not all), of whom were dealing with pent-up energy of many unfilled full moon’s desires. Stir crazy didn’t begin to cover what most of these women were feeling at the moment. They went around the circle of the single sisters each stating, (ok . . . maybe a better word would be complaining), how long it have been since they last quenched their thirst to show some of the married sisters they had no right to complain about a mere few weeks. For most single sisters, it was about the six to eight months mark. For a few, it was between a year or two.

Alexia was dreading having to voice how long