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Murder at Police Station

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While on a short vacation, staying with her father, in Bandon, Oregon, US Marshall Stacy Foreham is called to the scene of a murder. Chief of Police Lance Eagle Feather is found with a hunting knife in his heart at the police station. Also to complicate matters, he's been scalped!
Stacy's father, the former Chief of Police Ray Foreham is faced with having to once again; take over the temporary job as Chief. He's not happy at all. Lance Eagle Feather had been chosen by Stacy's boss back in Washington DC. He was instrumental in testifying against some crooked investors in a Native American Casino. It was safer for him to transfer to another state.
The local Indian tribe had an Alzheimer's assisted living unit in Bandon. Lance's wife had the disease. Is there a connection, as both he and his wife are Native Americans? Did the crooked investors have a long arm with a knife? The case is most complex and baffling for our young investigator and her team.

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