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In the Temple of Mehyt: Ancient Egyptian Romances, #2

Length: 389 pages6 hours


The tranquility of the Temple of Mehyt is shattered when the high priest and priestess are found murdered. To uncover who killed them, Queen Merneith calls upon an unlikely pair to investigate.

Satsobek, a former priestess and the daughter of a nobleman, hasn't stepped foot inside the temple in over a year, since making one of the worst mistakes of her life. Furthermore, with her sharp tongue and plain looks, her marriage prospects are slim, but that isn't stopping her father from trying to arrange a match against her will.

Ebrium is a low-born foreigner, and the queen's "unofficial" investigator. His partnership with Satsobek is complicated by the fact that they've been avoiding each other, even though he once saved her life. Now they must work together to find a brazen killer.

Follow Ebrium and Satsobek from the secret recesses of the temple to the seedy taverns of Thinis as they unearth a series of intrigues and a power struggle that threatens the tenuous peace of Kemet.

* Each book in the series is a stand-alone, and can be read on its own. 

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