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Opportunities Come a Knockin': A Boxed Set of Four Historical Romances

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The Widow Rose & Cart The Cowboy - A woman runs away from her big city life, after stowing away with a man she had just met. He finds her later and they fall in love and are married.

The French-Canadian Cable Car Operator & The Wealthy American - An upper class young woman in Quebec has a lifelong dream of being the first woman cable car operator in San Francisco.

The Sunken Ships In San Francisco Bay - A woman living in the Klondike Territory decides to head down to San Francisco after getting an apparently legitimate treasure map from a local character.

Working In A Bordello, But Not Knowing It - A woman from Liverpool moves to America and to a pre-arranged job in a bordello. The thing is – she doesn’t find out it’s a house of ill repute until later, when an accident will change her life forever.

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