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Sword of the Spellbreaker

549 pages8 hours


As young Garrett and his friends struggle to rebuild their city after a devastating attack, the Brotherhood of Necromancers calls upon him to lead an expedition to the North. A sinister force there threatens to consume all who would defy the Red God’s will, and Garrett’s only hope of saving those he loves may be to surrender to the brooding power of the Songreaver within him. Across the mountains, Marla returns at last to the city of vampires, where she must face the ultimate test of her humanity and learn the secret of the draconic power that flows through her veins.
The Dead Goddess stirs, ancient demons stalk the land, and the girl no one can remember finally gets the waiter to bring her drink. Such world-shattering revelations await within the pages of Book Five of The Songreaver’s Tale: Sword of the Spellbreaker!

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