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Korean for Tourists

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Korean for Tourists

Length: 98 pages53 minutes


Order a beer, ask for a discount, and get around Korea easier – learn a few basics and have an even better time.

This language guide is your way to leapfrog other tourists and know what's really going on. They're written to be read quickly (like on the plane!) and be a reference guide once you've arrived. Each major section is linked to other major sections, making them only a tap away.

A few highlights:

A thorough but easy-to-follow primer on hangeul, Korea's alphabet Numbers, money, and plenty of practical stuff The different types of hotels, and how to tell the difference Food, glorious food! What to try and how to order it How to get around the country by plane, bus, or train

This is the Korean language book for people that don't like learning languages.

Worthy Go's mission is to make travel awesome, and to set you up to succeed. With language books, that means giving you the basics to making yourself understood. This is not a complete guide to the Korean language, so there's no fancy grammar points. No irrelevant vocabulary. If there's a fair chance you'll use it as a tourist, it's here, along with some local knowledge and humor.

Buy now and start exploring the awesome side of Korea.

About the author

Chris Backe (rhymes with hockey) has written about travel since 2008 and has been around the world a couple of times. He's written over 30 books, and has been seen in Atlas Obscura, io9, Mental Floss, Everything Everywhere, Perceptive Travel, Travel Wire Asia, and many other publications. When not traveling, he loves tabletop games and a glass of white wine.

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