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An Introduction to Thailand

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Reader, meet Thailand – get introduced and arrive several steps ahead of other tourists.

An Introduction to Thailand is your way to leapfrog other tourists and know what's really going on. It's written to be read quickly (like on the plane!) and be a reference guide once you've arrived.

A few highlights:

Can you get a visa on arrival? Learn which visa is right for you Get a SIM and stay connected to the internet Food, glorious food! Where to go and what to try The unwritten rules of temple etiquette Drinking, the nightlife, the markets, staying safe, and plenty more.

Don't forget about where to go!

Worthy Go's mission is to make travel awesome, and to set you up to succeed. With introduction books, that means giving you some ideas on where to go.

Last updated: July 2018.

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About the author

Chris Backe (rhymes with hockey) is the one-man show behind the dozens of itineraries / guidebooks on Worthy Go. He's the former travel blogger of One Weird Globe and has been traveling since 2008. He's been seen in Atlas Obscura, io9, Fark, Mental Floss, Groove Magazine, and many other publications. When not traveling, Chris enjoys a good lager and a tabletop game.

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