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Everybody suffers stress. It’s normal. What’s not normal is to suffer stress every moment of the day for years and years. Yet this is the state in which many people find themselves, and its impact is devastating physically, mentally and financially.

This Empowered Living iCourse “How To De-Stress & Prosper” is designed to help you lower your stress levels and KEEP them lowered.

Part One will discuss and define stress, how it impacts our life, and how we can instigate the process of stress minimisation.

Part Two will discuss the Demand-Control Model and introduce the concept of The Banana Trap – what it is, how we trap ourselves and how we can go about escaping from it.

Part Three will discuss The Process of Letting Go. This process is the key to de-stressing. It is an alternative to quick-fix, result-driven recipes for success. It is a process of knowing yourself better, a process of how to think, not a manual of what to think.

It is my hope and intent to now help empower you to the abundance and fullness that life has to offer using the specific knowledge of How To De-Stress & Prosper.

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