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Erotica: The Mind Blowing Quickie

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Perris hated the lecture so much that she couldn’t help but with it was over. She was sitting next to her friend, Mathew, though they weren’t exactly friends since they were having an on and off affair and for a moment, it seemed as though things were going to work out before they broke up. And then a couple of moments later, they were back on.

They were in their last year in campus and the lecture was now starting to become the most boring lecture ever and for a moment, it seemed as though Perris was going to walk out and never come back again. At that point, Mathew started texting her some erotic stuff asking her to sleep with him in the lecture.

It was bizarre, but for a moment, it started to evoke some sensations in her. Will she be crazy enough to do it or will she ignore Mathew? Keep on reading to find out exactly what happens.

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