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A Doll’s House (ESL/EFL Version)

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This book is Volume III-4 of the series of readers of Million-Word Reading Project (MWRP). It is suitable for readers with a basic vocabulary of 1,500 words.
Million-Word Reading Project (MWRP) is a project in which ESL/EFL learners at elementary level (with a basic vocabulary of 1,500 words) are expected to read one million words within two or three years, and reach upper-intermediate level (with a vocabulary of about 3,500 words). This project contains about 40 simplified readers, enough for an ESL/EFL learner to read for two years, and this list is growing.

[Text Information]
Readability || 89.3
Total word count || 25335
Words beyond 1500 || 851
Headwords beyond 1500 || 379
Unknown word percentage (%) || 3.36
Unknown headword percentage (%) || 1.5
Unknown headword occurrence || 2.24
Unknown words that occur 5 times or more || 37
Unknown words that occur 2 times or more || 164

Nora borrows some money from a man named Krogstad when her husband Torvald is ill, in order to pay for a trip to warmer climate to improve his health. Nora borrows the money without his knowledge to save his pride. Nora forges her father’s signature after he is dead to get the money. In order to pay off the debt, Nora saves money from an allowance Torvald gives her and she secretly works odd jobs.
Nora’s husband thinks she is childish and spends money carelessly, and he takes her for a doll. When Torvald is made manager of the Bank, the first thing he does is to fire a man who does dishonest things like forgery. That man is Krogstad. Krogstad says that if he loses his job he will expose Nora, so that Torvald will lose his reputation....
This book is rewritten from the three-act play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), which has been made into many films and TV series.

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