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18 Days

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February 1946, the war is over and Corporal ‘Bones’ Bonenberger has reenlisted in the Marine Corp. and awaits his next duty assignment while hundreds of thousands have been discharged and eagerly return home. Bones meets an old friend and makes some new friends waiting to process to his next duty station. Sergeant Mike Thompson fought in battles from Guadalcanal to Okinawa, and has reenlisted also. Corporal 'Dizz' Dorrington was with Mike on Guadalcanal and with Bones on Iwo Jima. Private Donl Murchison never made it overseas. Sergeant Rusty, a Marine Scout Dog, fought in several battles and was wounded on Okinawa. Less than half of all war dogs survived the conflict and many surviving scout dogs were destroyed after the war. The military did not want to spend the time and resources to ‘deprogram’ a killer and risk sending an unstable soldier back into the civilian world.

Mike has decisions to make once at home in Texas. Arkansas brings trouble with the law. The Grand Ole Opry is a must see in Nashville. Dizz’s homecoming in Kentucky is nothing like he expected. In eighteen days anything can happen.

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