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Going On ..... with a Nod from God

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This book is well worth reading slowly. Do not flip through it for it contains many precious points that will be a help to anyone who wants to seriously follow the Lord and be able to say at the end of his life, “I am going on...”.
I have to admire the fact the Bill has written this after his “twilight years.” He has experienced more than “three score plus ten” and is still able to produce such a monumental work. Rev. Erlo Stegen

"Starting with the Rhodesian War in 1977, Going On presents us with behind
the scenes interviews with remarkable people in extraordinary times.
Revolutions in Central America. Persecution in Red China. Resistance to
Communism in Eastern Europe and Africa. Revival in Zululand. Revival amidst
persecution in Sudan. Fervent Faith under fire in the war zones of Africa.
"If you want to understand the turbulent times of the Cold War and the rise
of Islamic terrorism threatening Faith and freedom today, Going On will take
you behind the lines and beyond the news headlines to what has really been
happening in these conflicts and resistant access areas."
- Dr. Peter Hammond, Frontline Fellowship

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