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Blogging in Brazil

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What it means to become a global citizen is revealed each time we set foot in another’s world. Seeking answers to age-old questions or looking to gain a new perspective, international education does wonders. Studying abroad in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil for less than two months has been a rewarding experience for the author, both personally and professionally. The insight that learning a new language brings, and the curiosities that arise while inquiring about a culture particularly one that is unfamiliar to the globetrotter, is quite fascinating. Through pictures and words we share our newfound knowledge hoping to create bonds of friendship, develop solution to overcome similar challenges, and build a world that courageously attempts to make the best of our differences. Here is a memoir that captures unique moments of a student’s journey to Brazil with intentions of learning about the similarities and differences between the United States and Brazil in the context of Afro-Brazilian culture and through the syllables of the Portuguese language.

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