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KARATE: the art of transforming lives

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In this book I will be talking about the amazing life transforming power contained in the practice of karate, a practice that goes far beyond a mere physical exercise. I will talk about friendships built through the art, about the lessons received from many masters, about the support received in the difficult moments and many other events that made me the person I am today, successful and content.  In fact, Karate can be a real transformation motivator force, specially for young people. As an athletes' community, karate works as a healthy environment for social integration and interaction. As an opportunity for self-defense learning, karate does much more than just teaching how to block and to perform attacks, but it teaches how to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Finally, there is no debate that the practice of karate brings benefits to athletes' health. It helps improve physical strength, cardiorespiratory capacity, and the immune system. In sum, there are innumerable reasons that make me wish to share with others, a little of what karate has done for me.

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