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A Cunning Masquerade: Order of the MoonStone Short Stories, #2

53 pages22 minutes


When a reluctant assassin returns to the palace and receives a less than warm welcome, she is certain her opportunity has passed to fulfill her mission.

Or has it . . . ?

When a young prince makes the decision to ignore a certain young lady with red hair and a fiery temper to match, will he seal his fate?

Or will a moonlit ball, and a special dress bring the two of them together again - with life . . . not death . . . in mind?

Author's Note: This short story takes place toward the end of book 1 of the Order of the MoonStone series. There will be spoilers for anyone who has not read "A Reluctant Assassin".

Books in the Order of the MoonStone series:

A Perilous Assignment (BONUS Short)
A Reluctant Assassin (Book 1)
A Cunning Masquerade (Short Story - takes place toward the end of book 1)
A Treacherous Decision (Book 2 - DEC 2015)

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