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Yesterday's Body: Jo Durbin Mysteries, #1

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Yesterday's Body: Jo Durbin Mysteries, #1

Length: 314 pages4 hours


Yesterday's Body - Book I of the Jo Durbin mysteries - approximately 285 pages

Praise for Yesterday's Body

"I very much like your voice. You project just the tone and attitude I love to read."  Chris Roerden, Author of Agatha Award-winning Don't Murder Your Mystery

The keys were to a vacant home, there for the taking.

Vacant, except for the body in the basement..

Jo Durbin knows one downside of acting the homeless bag lady. No one will believe she just happened to find the very dead Francine.

Hard to explain that she's only trying to revitalize a career gone south. Her plan–write a best-seller as a bag lady living on the street. Invent an imaginary cat to further her image.

Get accepted by the street people. Befriend the guy who wants to "save" them all. Ignore his hints for a closer relationship. It all seems possible.

Ignore, as well, the carping sister who "knows better"? That one's tricky.

Elude the villain long enough to solve the crime? You know that's the killer question.

The first edition e-book was a 2011 EPIC finalist for mystery/suspense

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