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Whereas audit committees and boards should be concerned with approving adequate resources for internal auditing to do its job, in practice they dictate to internal auditing what engagements to conduct, where and what the objectives thereof should be. So, a professional decision has been replaced by that of non-professionals. This amounts to impairment of the independence of internal audit activities. The silence around this issue is an illustration of the balance of power. When there are corporate scandals as has happened recently, organisations do not know what hit them and internal auditing has become either too afraid to say exactly what the problem is or too incompetent to know itself. All that is then left is to just "show that we are doing something" when in effect the fundamental issues are not addressed. I sit any wonder the question has not been asked forcefully enough in public as to whether the internal audit departments of the organisations involved in corporate scandals recently conformed to the IIA Standards or not?

Published: Kaya Kwinana on
ISBN: 9781310027062
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Availability for Internal Audit Plans Need Revisiting
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