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Times of Judgment: A Christian End Times Thriller: The End Times Saga, #6
Times of Judgment: A Christian End Times Thriller: The End Times Saga, #6
Times of Judgment: A Christian End Times Thriller: The End Times Saga, #6
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Times of Judgment: A Christian End Times Thriller: The End Times Saga, #6

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About this ebook

The sixth novel in The End Times Saga goes through the last three and a half years of the seven year Tribulation Period. The world leader gets "assassinated" and Lucifer teams up with him after he's "resurrected" to become the Anti-Christ. They persecute Tribulation believers while trying to survive the Bowl Judgments as they inch closer to Armageddon.

Release dateMay 30, 2014
Times of Judgment: A Christian End Times Thriller: The End Times Saga, #6
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Cliff Ball

Cliff Ball lives in Texas, born in Arizona, and is a Christian. Has two BA's and a Certificate in Technical Communications. Has published ten novels and four short stories. Won third in high school for a short story written in Creative Writing class for a young adult magazine. Visit his website to find out more about him and his novels: cliffball.net

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    Book preview

    Times of Judgment - Cliff Ball

    Chapter 1

    Lucifer was pleased.

    He was pleased that he was finally able to bring down the United States of America after more than two and a half centuries of trying. The fact that an overtly Christian nation existed at all had galled him, so he and his fallen angels had done everything they could to find the right people to bring it down. There were setbacks, of course, such as the Second World War, which strengthened the United States when Hitler had decided to do what he wanted to do while in control of Germany, instead of following Lucifer’s advice. If Hitler had followed the advice, it would’ve brought the whole world to its knees and Lucifer would be in charge. Fortunately, for mankind, that didn’t happen.

    Whispering in the ears of men, such as Gregory and Michael Evans, had finally produced the results Lucifer wanted. Christians in America were currently imprisoned in the underground camps that Evans’ people had built, while the United States itself was well on its way to total collapse. Lucifer’s fallen angels whispered in the ears of the leaders of politics, media, entertainment industry, and education to sow the seeds of anger towards Christians by making those not familiar with Christianity think the United States would be more successful without the followers of Christ. It had taken decades for this to work, despite Christians and their political allies doing their best to stop the tide towards oblivion for the United States. Christians were easily wiped out in other parts of the world, so the fact that it took as long as it had to bring America down frustrated Lucifer.

    Lucifer would never acknowledge that God would watch out for Christians and the Jews in Israel and that He was always in charge. Even though Lucifer had read the Bible, knew God’s supposed endgame, he figured he could change it so it benefited him and his fallen angels. That idea seemed to be working for him.

    Early on in their careers, Lucifer handpicked Jahangir Karimi and Kevin Josten, through Michael Evans, to be his voice when the time came. Karimi was currently working on wiping out Israel with nuclear weapons, while Josten had been leading people astray by not preaching God’s word, but the social gospel that Lucifer preferred, while pretending for years to be a top Christian leader. Josten made millions while leading people to hell who all thought they were going to heaven because of his ideas of there are many ways to heaven and through the power of positive thinking. Luckily, for Josten, he was in Dubai, enjoying his millions while the Christians in America were being rounded up. Those he led astray were suffering and would be in worse agony when they died and learned they hadn’t trusted Christ as their savior because Josten hadn’t preached to them about Jesus dying for their sins. Lucifer would reward both men for their service to him when the time came.

    Lucifer happily watched Karimi launch the nukes toward Israel, but became angry as he watched the missiles either veer off course or fall to the ground upon approaching the Israeli border. He angrily said to his minions after Israel responded in kind, "This is God’s and His angels’ interference. He will not win, not if I have anything to do with it! I will destroy Israel if it’s the last thing I do. God may have won the first war we fought, but He won’t win the second war I plan to bring to Him. Prepare for battle!"

    As Lucifer and his angels prepared to storm Heaven, he heard something that sent chills through him – the trumpet call that announced the rapture of saved by grace Christians. No, no, no! We must stop this from happening. They can’t be allowed to leave. Follow me!

    Christians, both previously dead and currently alive, were passing through the area that Lucifer controlled as they made their way to Heaven. While none of the raptured Christians paid attention to Lucifer and his fallen angels trying to stop them, there were God’s angels accompanying the raptured who were paying attention. They had been told to prepare for an attempt by Lucifer to interfere.

    Lucifer, you’re ordered to stop your attempts to interfere. You will not succeed, for God has decreed it,

    Lucifer stopped what he was doing, reluctantly, and approached the angel that told him to stop. Unlike himself, who was created as an angel of light, Lucifer didn’t think this angel was much to look at in his opinion, and it bothered him that such angels were still favored by God. It constantly amused him that humans fell for the propaganda his fallen angels spread that he was red, had horns and a tail, and carried around a pitchfork. Humans also placing him as the overlord of Hell amused him too, since he’d never been there and wasn’t entirely sure the location for supposed damnation really existed since he’d never actually seen it. If the place did exist, Lucifer didn’t think anything he’d ever done warranted being exiled there in some far-off future, he thought God and his angels were just jealous of him. Because of the misinformation he and his angels spread, leading people away from God was much easier. Therefore, if he were to go by sheer numbers of followers, Lucifer easily had the advantage. All Lucifer wanted was to share power, was that really too much to ask?

    What are you going to do about it, Michael? Lucifer asked, while crossing his arms against his chest.

    I will do what I have to do, short of killing you, of course, since we’re not allowed to do that. You will be stopped, as it is foretold. Do what you think you must do, but know that you will not win.

    Lucifer rolled his eyes, thinking that he would win, since God was going to be distracted by His rewarding of his so-called human saints, and would not be paying attention to what was going on between the angels. Michael, your blustering about your side winning in the end is nothing but talk. I have more humans on my side than you do, so really, God will have to see my point, eventually. When He does, I’ll triumphantly walk into the throne room and take my rightful seat beside Him. Now, are we still going to do this the hard way or will you let me pass?

    You’ll have to go through me and my army first before that happens.

    Well, have it your way. Lucifer turned to his angels, who were waiting for the next order, Attack!

    The fallen angels began their attack, while Michael and Lucifer began their battle for supremacy. They fought throughout the heavens, from planet to planet, solar system to solar system, to other galaxies beyond the Milky Way and back again. The power of the two while battling caused planets to break apart, stars to go nova or implode into black holes, and nebulas to disperse. Neither angel had the upper hand, as both were evenly matched. The angels continued battling until they heard a voice thundering through the heavens, saying, ENOUGH!

    No matter where they were, angels on both sides ceased fighting one another, some whispering, The Son of God has spoken, let us hear what He has to say.

    Lucifer, you are hereby banned from coming into Heaven and will no longer have permission to approach the throne to accuse believers. You and your angels are cast to Earth. Your rule over the aerial and stellar heavens is finally over. Be gone!

    As Lucifer and his angels were cast out of Heaven and made their way to the solid ground of Earth, the angels of God began rejoicing and praising Him. Praise our God, His kingdom, and the power of His Christ, He has cast out the accuser of our brothers and the accuser will soon suffer his eternal defeat. Praise our God!

    On Earth, Lucifer was angry, and one of his minions asked, What are we going to do now?

    We’re going to rule this planet and make these pitiful humans bow down to us. I will give power to those that will do my bidding. God may think He has the upper hand, but I’ll show Him in the end. Go out and whisper in the ears of man to do what they want without fear of any kind of punishment and tell them to punish our enemies. I will show Karimi and Josten what kind of power they can have when I share it with them. If we’re to battle God and his forces a third time, we will win. Now it is time to go forth!

    Chapter 2

    Lucifer showed up in Jerusalem just as Karimi and Josten approached Elijah and Moses for the last time. The previous disasters throughout the world in the last three years hadn’t deterred Lucifer from wanting to rule the world, it made him more determined to display his power. As he approached the witnesses, Lucifer could see the protection God provided for the two men. He decided to stay in the shadows to watch what Karimi would do now, especially since he and Josten had guns in their hands and looked prepared to use those guns.

    Lucifer hated Elijah and Moses as he hated nearly no other humans, as they always seemed to get the upper hand against his followers when they were first alive all those centuries ago. Moses bested Pharaoh and his priests through God, but Lucifer had the upper hand when wayward Jews began worshipping the golden calf when Moses disappeared for over a month. It had taken very little to convince some of them to ignore God and do their own thing, but he was surprised when Aaron, the head priest of Israel, joined in by creating the idol. Unfortunately, for Lucifer, Moses ruined everything when he came off the mountain and God killed the wayward Jews by opening the Earth and swallowing them up as punishment.

    As for Elijah, he made idol-worshipping priests of Ba’al look foolish when he called down the power of God to light up an altar that had been wetted down. The priests couldn’t even do that much before Elijah was given the chance, and Lucifer had been prevented from helping the Ba’al worshippers. Elijah challenged everyone in the establishment, including Ahab, King of Israel, who let idol-worship happen unabated throughout the land of

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