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War Dairies from Inside Hitler's Headquarters

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"The world will hold its breath when Operation Barbarossa is executed" --Adolf Hitler.
Operation Barbarossa was the code name for Nazi Germany's invasion of Soviet Russia.
Thus German/Nazi historian Helmuth Greiner quoted Hitler. Greiner served as Custodian of the War Diary in Hitler's Headquarters August 1939 until April, 1943, when he was dismissed, apparently for not being sufficiently pro-Nazi. He survived the war without being sent to a death camp or shot. His Diary entries were ordered destroyed but were reconstructed between 1945 and 1949.
Greiner's Diary entries reveal major decisions by Hitler; movements by vast Nazi Wehrmacht armies, the Nazi air force, the Luftwaffe, and navy, the Kriegsmarine; the size of the Nazi military; and mentions many major Nazi generals.
Of particular interest are Greiner's separate diary entries for Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of Soviet Russia, This file is a 126 page document. Greiner begins by revealing how top Nazi generals were horrified by Hitler's decision to invade Russia, convinced, as he was, the invasion could crush Russia in three or, at the most, four months.
These documents were translated by U.S. Army language experts after World War Two.

FIRST PUBLICATION IN ENGLISH -- from U.S. Army translations.

"War Diaries from Inside Hitler's Headquarters" should be considered a major addition to research and study of World War Two, and the Nazi military machine.
These pages are reproductions of post- World War Two U.S. Army translations. Introduction, 336 text pages.

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