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The Tale of Prince

350 pages4 hours


It's a dog's life but Prince couldn't have asked for a better one.
An unblemished pedigree, a loving family, weekly grooming and a bowl always full of delicious 'Auntie Cher's Amazing Biscuits'. What more could a pompous, aristocratic pooch want?
That is, until she arrives. When a stray, flat-faced she-dog comes trudging through his territory, chewing his toys and stealing his beloved Humans’ hearts, his perfect life turns to mush! Prince wants it all back, just the way it was. Yet, despite all his efforts to make her life miserable, getting rid of the despicable Bennie seems harder than getting cat pee out of the carpet... Prince’s autistic master, the silent eight-year-old Timmy, is developing feelings for this creature and even the Council of Pets find her likeable! Things couldn’t get any worse... until a pet is found dead in Prince’s swimming pool.
As if being accused of murder isn’t enough, soon Bennie disappears without a trace. Now the HARASS team, the Council's secret service, is on Prince’s tail...
On a quest to regain his reputation and peace of mind, Prince sets off to find Bennie. His only clue on her whereabouts a faint trail of 'Andre's eau de chien' dog cologne and the memory of a strange scent: a smell sour and sweet like dying flowers and rot, the smell of fear...
With the help of Fiddles, a feisty, little mongrel, and Lancaster, a sly feline-outlaw, Prince embarks on an adventure which will cast him into the strange world outside his prim and proper Bendall Road. A world of usurped kingdoms, laughing demons, angry chefs, peculiar vets and fighting dogs until his journey to find Bennie will lead him to confront his most terrible foe yet and, on the way, find the wolf that lives inside every dog...

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