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Off Limits CEO

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For too long Lincoln allowed thoughts of Gray Houston to cloud her life. It was time to forget someone who other than treating her like an annoying friend of his little sister, didn’t even know she even existed. That wasn’t quite true, he managed to clash with Lincoln whenever they were forced to spend time together and he made no secret of the fact that she was not part of their elite world and never would be. After a few particularly stinging encounters with the sexy CEO, Lincoln decided to give him the break he was pushing for and distance herself from the whole family. Unfortunately, after the invitation arrives asking her to be a part of her friend’s wedding she decides it just might be time to face the demon himself and exercise him from her life for good. At least that is what she told herself. Seeing the off limits CEO again just reminded her of all of the reasons she fell for Gray in the first place making it all the more urgent that she settle this and move on especially since his opinion of her hadn’t seem to change since their last encounter either.

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