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The Care and Feeding of Writers

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When it comes to launching a writing career, there are many choices to make.

Will you be a freelance writer or will you write books?

Will you write on your own blog or will you write for other websites?

Will you mix-and-match your writing endeavors or will you focus on one specialty?

Whether you're a veteran writer who wants to start making money or you're new to the entire writing experience, Beth Jones shows you what it takes to move your writing career forward.

You'll learn:
Why you should branch out in your writing
Why you should take risks
Why you should focus on building your confidence
Why you shouldn't avoid writing just because you're a parent
Why you shouldn't work for free

Beth Jones is the author of more than 150 Kindle books and 3,000 articles. She writes full-time from the comfort of her living room. Learn how she does it and how you can, too, in The Care and Feeding of Writers.

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