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Chariot Race at Brad's Human Dairy Farm

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An adult book, not for sale to persons below the age of 18.

This is the tenth book in the popular series Brad's Farm, telling stories of the Dorset farm where the most popular product in milk. Human breast milk, from the two hundred and fifty human cows who live there, naked, all year round.
In this story twenty paying guests, along with a dozen farm hands and Brad himself, compete to supply the sperm that will make the sexy Chantelle pregnant; Doctor Rebecca allows herself to be branded with the trademark of the farm and takes on three of the farm's members for a bout of public sex; Lois gives birth to a baby, which like all the others produced on the farm goes straight to its adoptive parents; two of the girls deliver a bed that they have hand-made in the furniture factory at the top of the farm to its new owner and allow him to test it out on them; the same two deliver fresh milk and on orgy to an ice-cream parlour; the girls in the factory, unbeknown to Brad, make a pair of full size chariots; Brad eventually agrees to put on chariot races for the farm's many paid-up members.
The book includes graphic descriptions of oral, vaginal and anal sex, as well as much erotic lactation. During the chariot race the riders use whips on the naked human cows who are pulling them, drawing blood from their strong sexy bodies. And most of the men in the book have larger than average penises. If any of these things may cause you offence, then this book is not aimed at you and you must not buy it. Otherwise it is a lot of fun ...

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